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UBER Scoot: once again setting the benchmark

About Uber Scoot

Uber Scoot is a global personal transport vehicle (PTV) company that has been revolutionizing the PTV industry for almost 20 years. Continually surpassing the boundaries of unique design and innovation excellence, the fourth generation Uber Scoot once again embodies state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing techniques that place it firmly at the forefront of various global PTV categories.

Added to this, the new range of Uber Scoot PTVs is the most diverse and dynamic to date, catering for recreation, short distance commuting, sport and commercial applications across all age groups. Yet while Uber Scoot continues to meet the increasing demand for advanced personal transport alternatives, the brand has never lost sight of its core values: to remain cost-effective, convenient and reliable, but most importantly, to always be fun to use.

Designed in Europe

The EVOLUTION: a History of Puzey Design and Innovation

EVO Link Suspension

Uber Scoot is the latest range of high performance PTVs (Personal Transport Vehicles) from the internationally renowned, Puzey Design. Incorporating Puzey’s 20-year heritage of innovation and technical firsts, each Uber Scoot is the culmination of tried and tested formulas developed through the cornerstone brands that lay its foundation, namely Big Boy, Bladez and EVO Powerboards.

Having sold in excess 5 million units to date, Puzey Design is widely recognised as having played a pivotal role in the worldwide advancement and development of the PTV industry. As outlined below, this achievement is largely due to the patented milestones that became global firsts during its most notable periods of development:

  • 1st reduction drive system
  • 1st lock up and down folding system
  • 1st quick release seat systems
  • 1st linkage suspension for greater ride comfort
  • 1st and only 2-speed drive system on any production PTV
  • 1st commercially available electric scooter
  • 1st exchangeable batteries on electric scooters
  • 1st one-touch remote folding systems
  • 1st one touch drive belt or chain adjustment system

Uber Scoot's Strategic Manufacturing Partner

Uber Scoot Factory

Started in 2006, the Uber Scoot factory recently moved to a brand-new, state-of-the-art 36,000yd² facility. The new plant was set up with the main objective of manufacturing the widest range of carefully selected PTVs (personal transport vehicles), placing great emphasis on unique design features and product quality that is overlooked by so many other manufacturers. With ongoing design planning the product offering has also been divided to cater for both mass “Big Box” channels as well as more exclusive dealer channels.

With room to expand, the plant currently runs six full time production lines producing up to 15,000 units per month and has 110 skilled staff in all departments with 15 of those dedicated to RND alone. Already a market-leading supplier, the factory supplies many regions globally and has recently pioneered the ever-growing Chinese retail market with dedicated outlet shops across the country.

Their production techniques are also constantly expanded and refined to stay on par with global market trends through on-going market research. The R & D team also uses the latest Auto CAD software, Solid Works, pro/E, Corel Draw and Cimatrom to allow for both design and production teams to provide and maintain the most advanced product offering moulded to suit any market demand.

Quality assurance is also extremely important and with advanced QC and production equipment at their disposal, all products are measured against stringent and consistently high quality standards. Added to this the new facility uses the ERP parts management system for internal track and trace quality control allowing for these stringent quality controls to be continually met. All products also strictly comply with IQC, IPQC and FQC standards and specifications, and through multiple QC checks performed throughout the manufacturing process, you can be assured that each Uber Scoot manufactured here boasts unrivalled levels of quality in all of its components.

Big Boy Scooters

Big Boy Scooters: 1998 - 2000

The first mass-produced scooters were developed in Johannesburg, South Africa. These were simple, functional machines that proved to be instantly popular and became known as “Big Boy Scooters”. The implementation of a drive system not yet seen on the market, made these first bikes easy to use and reliable over long distances.

The folding “lock up and lock down” system was fully developed along with the clutched two belt drive system. The integration of these two made this the first scooter in history to showcase both design elements: convenient folding and a user-friendly drive system. Before this all scooters used a non-clutch spindle drive directly to the rear wheel. These key innovations along with the growing popularity of PTVs turned Big Boy Scooters into a household name.

Bladez Scooters

Bladez Scooters: 2001 - 2003

Now evolved and refined, the product found its way into mass distribution through the USA and many other countries under the “BLADEZ” brand. Over the next three years Bladez Scooters were sold through mass retail channels such as Costco, Walmart, Target and Sears, and supplying a dealer network consisting of over four thousand dealers in 50 states of the USA alone. During this time there was one electric and three gas models available in a range that sold over 1 million units in a thirty six-month period, making it one of the most successful scooter ranges of all time.

Developments during 2000 - 2006

This period became a time of intensified prototype development and testing, resulting in many design innovations that have found their way into modern PTV products. Such technical features include the now famous 2-speed drive system, cam linkage suspension, power pipe development, simple one-touch belt and chain adjustment, improved cam lock folding systems, quick release seats, innovative cable break systems and the slipper clutch racing drive system.

Evo Powerboards Logo

EVO Powerboards: 2005 - 2013

The all-new 2-speed drive system was unveiled along with a redeveloped and redesigned range of scooters now known globally as “EVO Powerboards”. This launch saw a greater emphasis being placed on higher levels of quality and innovation and along with its 2-speed technology, made EVO an instant global success.

Uber Scoot Logo

Uber Scoot: 2014 and beyond

With the launch of the Uber Scoot range, Puzey Design has developed the most dynamic and advanced PTV’s to date. Focussed on superior performance, award-winning aesthetics and increased enjoyment, the Uber Scoot range boasts new innovations that incorporate features like brushless motors, digital controllers, easy one-touch folding systems, improved seat installations, multi-position handlebars, lighting systems, digital range and battery measuring equipment, SLA and LI battery options, larger wheels, tyre tread development and new link suspension systems.

Added to this the Uber Scoot range was expanded to cater for both recreational and commercial applications as well as accommodate a wider range of age groups. Notably, the Uber Scoot range now also makes clear category distinctions between products aimed at the mass retail segment (limited to trendy electric PTVs with functional design qualities) and those aimed at dealer networks (technically sophisticated gas and electric PTVs with added design innovations, drivetrain and suspension setups). View all models